jeudi 3 avril 2014

Hat of bunny & LBVD


have worked together to create an amazing elegant new kit.
Our ancestors are not simply people who have gone before us; they continue to influence us and are very much part of us. "Who Are You?" is a kit especially designed for those interested in finding out about their family history, genealogy, and heritage.  Its soft colors and vintage elegance will help you record and showcase your journey of tracing your lineage, as well as the treasures you find a long the way.
This kit includes:
 31 papers (9 solids and 22 patterned papers)
 74 elements
1 full alpha (unicase letters, numbers and some symbols).

For the best deal you can purchase the kit exclusively at ScrapTakeout,
or you can pick up the individual pieces

 by Dorine
 by Amber
by Heather

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