mardi 1 avril 2014

Hat of Bunny

has a Lovely Colors kit exclusively for With Love Studios.
Do you have a special little girl (or little boy!) in your life, whose cute smiles just melt your heart and who you cannot help but shower with sweet nicknames? If so, "Sweetie Pie" is the perfect kit for you.  Packed with bright pinks and blues, sugary elements and saccharine sentiments, this kit will let your sweetie pie's personality shine through.
This kit includes:
 20 papers (7 solid and 13 patterns)
58 elements

"Sweetie Pie" is available, at the best price, as a complete kit at With Love Studios.
Or get the individual pieces.

 by Dorine
 by Nancy
 by Robin
 by Heather (Template Mish Mash 2 by Designs by Jen Yurko)
by Amber

 Frame freebie by CT Heather available at her blog.
Freebie by CT Robin available at her blog.

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